Our Achievements

In the short period of ten year organization has achieved the following objectives.

  • Arrangements of 900 scholarships.
  • Establishment of a library.
  • Establishment of 10 free tuition centers.
  • Arrangement of seminars and lectures.
  • Co-operation in establishment of field hospitals with national and foreign welfare organization in devastating earthquake in northern areas.
  • To take part in plantation campaign of forest department voluntarily in sliding areas in NWFP.
  • To help and co operate in removing debris of educational institutions with the help of National Volunteer Movement Pakistan.

Future Objectives

There are the main future focuses.

  • Establishment of a main library at every district level. In which the basic objective is to provide books of curricular and extra curricular from elementary to higher education.
  • A computer centre will be establish keeping in view the needs of modern age by which youth will get benefits in modern and regulationary field of education.
  • A plan to make effective this organization and expand its circle.
  • To make arrangement to deliver lectures on scientific and international topics and problems for young men and students.


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