Our Existance

In human society the progress of knowledge and art is an obvious reality but pitiable point is that majority of the humans is deprived of acquisition of knowledge and art. This is the reason that the tendency of educational and thoughts is felt shortage.

The people who have violet passion of acquisition of knowledge are deprived of this natural and basic right due to lack of facilities, economic adversity and inadequate educational atmosphere.

It is the need of the time to guide these people, who are seeking for knowledge.

Our Vision

It is the need to prepare such a procedure as provide opportunities to these intelligent students which may make certain availability of education resources for them. Because in this way a man can perform his duty to conquest the nature. The provision of basic facilities to intelligent and deserving students is not less than a "Jehad-i-Akbar".

By adopting above mention procedure not only strength can be given to young man and the tendency of education and thought but also way can be made for the establishment of an ideal society.


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